What are the Precautions for Charging Lithium Batteries for E-bikes?

What are the Precautions for Charging Lithium Batteries for E-bikes? - Zora Bike


Lithium-ion batteries have become the ideal power source for a new generation of electric bicycles due to their excellent performance. E-bike lithium battery charging, it is best to charge according to the specifications written above, or look at the capacity of the lithium battery and charger current is how much to calculate the specific lithium battery e-bike charging what are the precautions? Then look down!

1, lithium e-bike battery charging in general, it is best to charge according to the specifications written above, if not, depending on the capacity of the lithium battery and the charger's current is how much to calculate, such as 48V/20A lithium batteries, the charger is a 5A, it is necessary to charge a little more than four hours, if it is a 10A charger on a little more than two hours, 20A charger will be charged for an hour.

2, generally new lithium e-bike battery is new, capacity is also large, charging will be longer, will reach more than 10 hours without changing the lights, later will get faster and faster, about 2 months will be reduced to 6 hours, after that it will be a constant can last about half a year, the battery capacity will continue to decline, 1 year after 3-4 hours can be full, of course, the battery should be almost replaced or need to be maintained.

3, after the purchase of electric bicycles, lithium batteries generally have about 80% of the power, to the home should be charged, the time is to the charger becomes light and then charged for 4 hours is appropriate, so that three times.

4, lithium e-bike battery charging time should not be too long, to the charger after an hour after the light is appropriate. Charging would rather undercharge some, do not overcharge, or the battery will be charged because of the lack of water, bulging, swelling. Resulting in irremediable loss of lithium batteries.

5, the conditions of the whole group of lithium e-bike batteries in the monomer to adjust, after the warranty period of the battery, every three or four months to the battery each monomer to supplement 3-4 milliliters of deionized water.

6, the whole group of lithium e-bike battery discharge port and charging port should be kept clean at all times, to prevent the contact point of patina, resulting in poor contact overheating and damage.

7, the first time before charging lithium e-bike battery power to use up, but not exhausted. E-bikes when newly purchased power will not be too full, but not too little, unless it is an old battery or poor quality battery. When you use it, you should estimate the approximate distance you can run according to the businessman's estimation, lest there is no electricity or too much electricity is used up.

8, lithium battery e-bike activation does not require a special method, in the e-bike traveling lithium battery will naturally activate.

9, a regular deep discharge is also conducive to the "activation" of the battery, can slightly increase the capacity of the battery. The general method is to periodically discharge the battery completely.

Second, the lithium battery charging of electric bicycles to pay attention to what matters?

1, hot weather can not charge under the sun, not immediately after driving charging summer is here, this is especially important to pay attention to, remember that you can not put the e-bike under the hot sun charging, but also can not put the battery in the sun exposure. Similarly, both usual, or charging, should be away from open flames and high temperature heat source.

2, e-bike driving process found that the power is too low prompt, should be charged as soon as possible in a timely manner. Battery discharged after the beginning of the sulfation process, in the beginning of 12 hours, there is a significant sulfation. Timely charging, you can remove the sulfation is not serious, if not timely charging, these sulfide crystals will accumulate and gradually form coarse crystals, so, in addition to charging every day, but also pay attention to the use of the finished as soon as possible after the charge, as far as possible to make the lithium battery pack power is in a state of fullness.

3, lithium batteries do not need a special method of activation, lithium batteries will be naturally activated in the e-bike driving. Lithium batteries do not have memory effect, do not have to deliberately deep charge and discharge activation.

4, be sure to use the appropriate lithium battery charger to charge, first insert the charger output plug correspondingly into the battery charging socket, and then insert the charger plug into the utility jack, observe the indicator light for charging judgment. If the charger is lost or damaged, please find the corresponding dealer to buy. Do not use lead-acid chargers or other forms of chargers for charging.

5、Generally after the charger indicator light turns green and then charge for about 1-2 hours, stop charging work. Lithium batteries do not have memory effect, each charge about 5-8 hours, the user to use the estimated time, prohibit overcharging.

6, the lithium battery pack as much as possible to implement the use of charging, to avoid the battery every time after the undervoltage charging, which can greatly enhance the battery life, so that the battery is in a shallow cycle state, so that the battery life will be extended.

7, avoid high temperature charging, please do not charge in a temperature of more than 40 ° environment, high temperature will make the battery capacity decline. Try to choose a cool and ventilated environment, too hot and stuffy environment is not conducive to the charging state, but also destroy the battery and reduce the life of the charger. In addition, the best ambient temperature for lithium battery charging is 25℃. Now most chargers do not have an automatic control system to adapt to the ambient temperature, most chargers are designed according to the ambient temperature of 25 ℃, so charging at 25 ℃ is better.

8, long-term non-use of electric bicycles, should be disconnected from the battery and the whole vehicle, and the interval to the battery to replenish some power, to avoid self-discharge of the battery. Lithium batteries are not allowed to be stored empty, if the lithium batteries are not applicable for a short period of time, please charge the batteries to more than 50% for storage, and the batteries must be recharged every 30 days.

9, in charging the battery, if the charger plug in the constant heat, and heat for a long time, need to immediately check whether it is the plug short circuit or poor contact, should pull out the charger, check whether there is oxide above the plug, such as rust and so on, and then immediately clear away.

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