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Give your friends $60 off. When your friends buy a ZORA ebike using the discount code, you get $60 off!

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  • You should be a ZORA EBIKE owner.
  • Send us ( the email address of your friend whom you think you would be interested in purchasing a ZORA ebike. 

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  • We will promptly send an exclusive discount code worth $60 to your friends's email. 
  • This code can be used towards their purchase of any ZORA BIKE.

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  • Once your friends buy a ZORA EBIKE using the provided discount code and successfully receive it, we will refund you $60.
The Zora Master is everything that I was looking for in an ebike. It has great breaks, much better than my other bike. It also has plenty of power. I've had it for 2 weeks now and I ride it everywhere. Also it is very much an eye catcher. I'm constantly being asked about it wherever I go. It works great for trips to the grocery store. A 12 pack of sodas fits perfectly on the running boards.I can't speak highly enough about this bike. I'm so happy that I made this purchase, especially being that I live in a bike friendly town.

Shone Curole

This bike comes equipped with blinkers so you have a blinker switch for the left and right turn signals. There is another button right down the throttle like a cutoff switch for power to the motor. So it's kind of like a safety switch and you can always kick that on and off and prevent it from accidentally hitting the throttle. That's kind of cool.

Richard Curtis


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